This Moment

This moment


f   l   o   a   t   s,



in slow motion

around me,

as if pausing itself,

so I can capture it



reach out to touch it,

translucent color specks

fuse to form the painting

of a memory,

still wet,

but drying permanent,

full of color

yet already fading,

simultaneously frozen

in my present

and future heart,


this moment



but also nostalgic,



but fleeting,


so I hold

this moment

as long as I can,

take it in

with all that I am,


this moment


so happy,

so sad.


Poem and Image
by Laura Denise


8 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. This particular moment was playing corn hole and signing yearbooks at the Senior picnic. It’s so hard, yet such a blessing, to love and lose a hundred and fifty each year.


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